Energy Efficient Home Construction Isn’t Just for the Wealthy

Energy Efficient Home Construction Isn’t Just for the Wealthy

Energy Efficient Home Construction Isn’t Just for the Wealthy

Saving money is difficult, especially for a homeowner. Whether you’re underpaid or in poor health, poverty is difficult. And it becomes more difficult to save money, especially when you need to keep a roof over your head.

Are you suffering from costs that amount to more than your mortgage or rent? If these costs relate to your home, you’re in luck. There are ways to save money by making a zero energy home.

But wait – aren’t these tools for the wealthy? Just because your income is low doesn’t mean you shouldn’t save energy. If you’re spending too much money on housing, here’s how to utilize energy efficient home construction and save more money.

Insulate Windows and Doors

You waste a lot of energy through your windows and doors.

How often do you leave the windows open when the air is on, or leave the doors open? Even when the windows and doors are open, you’re wasting energy if they’re not properly insulated.

Selecting the best windows and doors is the first step of energy efficient home construction. Select an optimum size to ensure no excess energy will leak out. Choose effective materials; examples include fiberglass, wood, and steel.

Lower Heating with the Sun

The sun is the cheapest source of heat. Even during the cold winter months, you can warm your home with the sun.

During construction, make sure your windows are facing the south. This allows more sunlight to enter into your home.

To keep your home cool in the summer, use proper shading. Solar heating helps keep your home warm when it’s cold and won’t add extra HVAC costs.

Create Energy Efficient Air

There’s a way to get filtered air and moisture control without investing in an expensive air conditioner. Energy recovery systems (ERS) might sound expensive, but you can find a cheap one for a couple hundred bucks.

Other air conditioning materials are being created which will help save families money.

This will help reduce the cost of your air conditioner, saving you money and energy.

Energy Efficient Lighting

The most basic way to utilize energy efficient lighting is purchasing LED bulbs. They contain no mercury and could last many years. Ultimately, you’ll save more on lighting while protecting your home.

You can also utilize natural light during the day and LED bulbs in the evening. Use proper window placing to let light in. Open up your blinds and let the sunlight light up your home.

Energy Efficient Appliances and Electronics

You’ll be surprised how much energy you use for appliances and electronics.

The best and cheapest step is unplugging everything when not in use. This includes all electronics, chargers, and appliances.

There are energy efficient appliances that save energy, money, and other resources such as water. Keep in mind, these appliances are expensive. But you’ll save money in the long run.

Are You Ready to Start Energy Efficient Home Construction?

Creating a zero-energy home sounds expensive and difficult.

But with the right hacks, you can achieve this and spend little to no money. Even if you have to put down a lot of money for an appliance or construction, you’ll end up saving more money as you save energy.

When you see that energy, utilities and water bill decrease, you’ll be able to get your finances in order.

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